Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact & Fiction

A white smile is something everyone strives for. And when it comes to teeth whitening, there’s everything from sage advice to old wives’ tales. It’s not surprising then, that there are countless DIY natural teeth whitening products and treatments. But when it comes to your oral health, you should be careful about what you use. So what’s the truth when it comes to natural teeth whitening?

From oils to scrubs, to foods, there are so many claims about natural teeth whitening. It’s safe to say that not all these remedies are made equal and some are actually harmful. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some safe natural ways to whiten your teeth.

Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact & Fiction

It’s important to remember that healthy smiles come in many colours of shades. Often our perception of teeth is skewed because of the many bleached-white teeth we see on television and in films. It seems like even the background extras have spotlight-bright smiles these days!

The problem with bleached white teeth is the numerous chemicals and treatments required to get them. If you’re looking to get whiter teeth without the harsh chemicals, then you’re probably wondering how to naturally whiten teeth at home.

The various home remedies can be boiled down to three categories, which we’ll take a look at in this article. If you’re looking for information on the best hygiene habits, click here!

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

But what does ‘natural’ teeth whitener really mean? If you do a quick search, you’ll see everything from peroxide to coconut oil. There’s one thing that all of these products have in common: they all lack fluoride. And if that’s the case, then in the end regular oral hygiene habits are your best natural teeth whitening option.

If you’re looking for a teeth whitening service that is guaranteed to work, check out our article on gum contouring here. Applewood Dental has all your cosmetic dental care needs covered!

But today we’re looking at natural products and whether they work or not.

Natural Teeth Whiteners:

It’s time to clear up the misconceptions about white teeth! It’s tempting to believe that there are quick fixes for complicated solutions. Sorry to burst your bubble, but white teeth are determined by daily oral care and genetics! So with that in mind, here is Applewood Dental’s guide on DIY teeth whitening!


You may have heard on social media that fruit products like a banana peel are effective at whitening your teeth. The list is quite endless, from various citrus fruits to apple cider vinegar. These naturally acidic foods contain digestive enzymes, which are abrasive to your enamel.

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The truth is that fruit is great for your diet, but its acidic nature means it puts your teeth’s enamel at risk. Enamel is the thin outter layer of your teeth that protects you from pain and cavities. You don’t want to lose that protective layer by rubbing it with fruity acids!


The idea behind using spices and oils to create pastes or pulls is pretty simple. Natural products like these claim to whiten your teeth with anti-bacterial power and physical abrasion. You’ll often see products with activated charcoal or ash.

The truth is that more research is needed to back up the claims most of these products make. For example, there’s little evidence to suggest that activated charcoal is useful or even good for your health overall. Additionally, when you use products like these, you run the risk of scrubbing away too much. When that happens, a softer layer of your tooth called dentin emerges, and it’s quite painful.

It’s usually best to stick to a whitening toothpaste that is dentist and FDA-approved. If you’re looking for more info on what the colour of your teeth means, check out our article here.

Spices and Oils

Definitely one of the more strange options, the idea behind oil pulling or herbal remedies is their overall health and antibacterial benefits. In all honesty, there are a lot worse products you could use as a natural teeth whitener, so if you really want to experiment, this might be your safest option. That being said though, oils and spices are best left in a healthy meal.

To be clear, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that oil pulling or spices like turmeric whitens teeth. Save yourself the hassle and the mess, and stick to a dentist-approved whitener.

Best Natural Teeth Whitening Method: Hygiene Habits and Regular Check-ups

It’s impossible to avoid the fact that regular brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and dental check-ups are the most important factor in getting whiter teeth. Unless you’re paying for an expensive and often harsh whitening treatment, results do not occur overnight. Especially with natural products, you must commit to regular daily care.

Take a look at these habits that will get you a healthier whiter smile over time:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes
  • Use a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste
  • Clean between your teeth once a day, like with a water flosser
  • Limit staining foods, like coffee and wine
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco
  • Bi-annual dental checkups for cleanings and more

Without a doubt, this list of daily habits is the best natural whitener. Whitening may not work on all teeth, but taking care of your mouth each and every day will certainly give positive results.

Takeaway: Natural Teeth Whitening vs Daily Hygiene

Until more research is done, most of these DIY home remedies are mildly effective at best, and harmful at worst. Replacing effective and proven oral care products with the unknown is always a risk, and should never be done without consulting a professional. After a chat with your dentist, you can decide with the best information which natural remedy will work best for you.

Or, if you’re looking for a safe and effective cosmetic solution, schedule your next appointment with Applewood Dental today and ask about our professional teeth whitening options.

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