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Community Events

Innisfil is never short on excitement. Every year you can see the Applewood Dental team at events like these:

Innisfil Ribfest

A family-friendly favourite, Innisfil Ribfest takes place at the Innisfil Recreation Complex, where families can enjoy some of North America’s best pit masters making what they make best – Ribs. Plenty of activities, live music, and of course food!

Sandy Cove Homeowner’s Health and Wellness Fair

Sandycove Acres is an adult lifestyle community that hosts over 90 different groups, organizations, and activities within Innisfil, Ontario. Their Health and Wellness fair is part of their on-going efforts to keeping this community fun and exciting.

Innisfil Pitch-In Day

Nothing states a loving community as much as a clean one does. Pitch-In day invites community members, young and old, to come out and take part in a city-wide effort to keep Innisfil clean and beautiful. Pitch-In with your sports team, school, youth group, or your family!

Recreation and Leisure Programs

Staying active and fit in Innisfil is easy – just join one of hundreds of virtual or in-person events held by this very town. You can find something relaxing, something challenging, and best of all – something for the whole family!

Innisfil Santa Claus Parade

Hosted by ICE Corp, the Santa Claus Parade brings the Big Guy around to see all of us. Say “Hi” to local businesses and sports teams alike that keep this town in Christmas Spirits.

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